order and price information

Cupcakes are E. 2,50 each with a minimum order of 12 per flavor. (E. 30,00 per 12)

Orders of 25 or more cupcakes are 2.25 each.

For orders more than 36 cupcakes- contact me for specialized pricing based on quantity.


Mini-cupcakes are E. 1,50 each with a minimum order of 24 per flavor. (E. 36,00 per 24)

All prices include tax. (BTW or VAT)

Delivery within Heemskerk and Beverwijk is free.


There is a minimum order of 12 regular cupcakes per flavor and 24 mini-cupcakes per flavor.   Each regular sized cupcake is E. 2,50 unless otherwise specified when discussing your wishes.  

Remember that each specialty cupcake is made to order, so think ahead for your events.   Keep in mind I am the only person who makes and decorates each cupcake, so when I’ve reached order capacity for a week or weekend, no more orders will be taken. 

Orders should be placed no later than 10 days before expected delivery and payment MUST (no exceptions) be received in my account no later than 5 days before delivery. (Bank information can be found on your invoice or on the contact page on this website.)  This will ensure I have plenty of time to make the necessary purchases to fill your order.  Cupcakes will be made no more than 24 hours before delivery and will never be made ahead and frozen. This ensures freshness.

Once you have placed an order, I will email an invoice with ALL information over your  order (flavor, quantity, delivery time and address- all which we will have discussed and agreed upon)    I will also include the latest date that your payment can be in my account for your order to be processed and delivered-  If I don’t have payment- your order will be canceled.    

Any and ALL changes (and cancelations) to an order must be made at least 36 hours BEFORE delivery.   After this time- no changes are possible and the order will be delivered as agreed and stated in the invoice.

Delivery address, time, date and telephone number where you can be reached on the day of delivery is important.  I want to make sure that you have your cupcakes at the promised time and place, so communication is imperative.

Delivery within Heemskerk and Beverwijk is free.    Delivery in the IJmond region will be free for orders over 60 euro.     Delivery fees may apply to areas outside of Beverwijk and Heemskerk and will vary depending on distance from the cupcake kitchen.   (Delivery prices will always be included on your invoice and discussed beforehand.)  Questions about delivery prices to a specific area?   Feel free to drop me a note and we’ll discuss it.