Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cupcake?

A cupcake is just exactly what the word says- a ‘cup’ cake.   I see it as a cake, but in a smaller size- made for one.  Mini-cupcakes are the same, only ‘bite’ sized and perfect when you want something smaller than a full-sized cupcake.   They can be eaten any time of the day- for any reason or occasion.

Gourmet cupcakes were made popular by Sprinkles Cupcakes in Los Angeles, California and later by Magnolia Bakery in New York City, New York.   Since then, gourmet cupcakes have grown into a hugely popular product and can be found in most, if not all major cities in the United States.

I see them as a decadent cup of happiness.

What is Southern Charm?

Southerners are known for many things, but two well-known sayings that most every American has heard are-  Southern Charm and Southern Hospitality.   Some feel that the two go hand-in-hand .   The saying is that people from the south are friendly, never meet a stranger and love to have guests in their home for a visit or even dinner.  

Most Southerners (myself included) also have an accent, which many people find  to be ‘charming’ or even sweet.   

The thought of naming the business  Southern Charm Cupcakes had briefly crossed my mind but I hadn’t given it much thought.  Then I asked my brother for a name suggestion, his first response was- “Southern Charm Cupcakes”.  (Without knowing that the name had already crossed my mind.)  That was all the confirmation I needed.    The name isn’t at all related to cupcakes or cooking in any way, but more of my way of bringing a little piece of the south, namely Mississippi, to the Netherlands. 

Do you have any sugar or gluten-free cupcakes on the menu?

At this particular moment I don’t have any sugar-free or gluten-free cupcakes on the menu, but I do have definite plans to add an a small assortment of both to the menu in the future, so that everyone- regardless of dietary needs can enjoy cupcakes.

Do you use cake mixes or mixes for the frosting?

Absolutely not!   Each gourmet cupcake is made fresh in the cupcake kitchen from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.  

Because each cupcake is made and decorated by hand ‘bespoke’- each cupcake may slightly vary in appearance- making each cupcake- one of a kind.

How do you come up with flavors?

I think of flavors that I have eaten in other places and loved and experiment with recipes.    Each cupcake that is on the menu is a cupcake that I have tried and liked.    If I don’t like it- the process stops there.  If I do- I’ll share the new flavor idea with others to see how they enjoy it, since people are different and have different tastes in what they like and don’t like.    If the results are positive- it makes the menu.

Do you eat cupcakes?

Absolutely.  After all-  how could I sell something that I don’t eat myself?   I test each flavor personally for consistency and flavor.    Obviously I don’t eat cupcakes every day, because that would mean a lot more time spent working out- and less time coming up with new flavors for you to enjoy.

What if there are problems with the cupcakes?

I want you to be happy  with your cupcake purchase. The cupcakes will be delivered to you fresh and as ordered and stated on your invoice.   If for some reason the cupcakes are damaged, or the order is wrong- (wrong color- flavor- etc)  then it’s imperative that you call immediately (or let me know upon delivery).    I will then check the invoice and upon inspection of the cupcakes find this to be true- will take the cupcakes and either replace your order or refund your money via the same method you paid-  whichever you prefer.

Once you take possession of the cupcakes- they are your responsibility to be kept as listed on the invoice to preserve freshness and to keep the frosting intact.

Even though I am a huge fan of all the flavors I sell, taste is subjective and varies by person, so I can’t accept any returns based on you not caring for a flavor.

I am throwing a birthday party and wondered if you could decorate them in a princess theme for my daughter?

Absolutely!   I would love to work with you to make your special occasion even more special by adding that perfect pink frosting or a decorative sparkly touch to the frosting.     Doesn’t matter what the special occasion- cupcakes make it more special- and if you have an idea for what you’d like for your special occasion- I’d love to make it happen.

Do you use fondant and marzipan to decorate your cupcakes?

At this point I don’t use either- but the plans are in the works to possibly use fondant in the future.

Do you have nuts in your products?

Yes, Some products will contain nuts- and the cupcake kitchen is a kitchen where nuts are used.   Each flavor will show when nuts are used listed on the flavor page.

Can I keep cupcakes in the fridge?

Cupcakes are kept best at room temperature in a air tight container out of full-sunlight or warm areas.   They will keep fresh this way for several days.   Refrigerating cupcakes it not recommended because it not only dries out the cake but also the frosting.

Is it possible to have a different flavor icing than listed on the flavors page-   for example- if I wanted orange icing on a chocolate cupcake- could that happen? 

Absolutely-   All flavors and frostings can be mixed as you would like-   so if you would like 12 orange cupcakes with chocolate frosting- I can make it happen-   The possibilities are endless.