cupcake flavors

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Carrot Cake



Delicious rich cupcake made with fresh carrots, walnuts (these cupcakes can also be made without nuts) and spices-  topped with a delicious vanilla cream cheese frosting.

Milk chocolate cupcake baked with a dallop of Nutella and topped with Chocolate Nutella butter cream frosting- and sprinkled with fresh toasted hazelnut pieces.

Milk chocolate cupcake topped with a creamy rich Madagascan vanilla bean butter cream  frosting.


Double Milk Chocolate

Chocolate Oreo

Chocolate Mocha

Rich milk chocolate cupcake topped with milk chocolate butter cream frosting and chocolate shavings.

Rich chocolate cupcake baked with an Oreo Cookie inside- topped with creamy Madagascan vanilla bean butter cream frosting and an Oreo cookie.  An Oreo lovers dream.

Delicious, rich devil's food cupcake infused with espresso topped with a chocolate mocha butter cream frosting and a dark chocolate coffee bean.


Orange Creamcicle Dream

Pecan Pie

Funky Monkey

Light and fluffy orange cupcake filled with fresh orange curd- both made with freshly squeezed orange juice and zest- topped with a Madagascan vanilla bean butter cream.

A Southern tradition in a cupcake, plus one of my all-time favorites-Delicious pecan laden cupcake topped with a rich brown sugar butter cream and toasted pecan pieces.

Cupcake made with fresh bananas, a hint of cinnamon and Callebeut Chocolate pieces topped with fresh banana butter cream frosting and rich dark chocolate sprinkles.


Black Forest

Lemon Meringue


Apple Tart

Rich milk chocolate cupcake filled with home-made cherry filling (made with real cherries and not jam) topped with Madagascan vanilla bean butter cream and dark chocolate shavings.

My dad’s favorite pie turned cupcake-   Delicious lemon cake filled with freshly made tart lemon curd- both made with freshly squeezed lemon and zest.   Topped with toasted Swiss Meringue creating the perfect combination.


Rich cinnamon vanilla cupcake- filled with fresh apples, walnuts and topped with a cinnamon vanilla bean buttercream. 

(Contains Nuts)



Red Velvet


Rich chocolate devil's food cupcake infused with fresh orange zest and topped with milk chocolate orange frosting.

Light chocolate cake with a deep red color-  topped with rich, Madagascan vanilla cream cheese frosting and dusted with cocoa powder.  (Another southern favorite)

Light and airy vanilla cupcake infused with Kaluha coffee liquor and a rich vanilla bean marscapone frosting and lightly dusted with cocoa powder.  (Contains alcohol- not for children)


Simply Vanilla




Ebony & Ivory 

Decadant vanilla bean cupcake topped with creamy Madagascan vanilla bean butter cream frosting.

Light, fluffy vanilla cake topped with a milk chocolate buttercream frosting.

 Rich Devils Food cupcake with a delicious whipped-vanilla cream cheese frosting and a home-made chocolate swirl made from Callebaut Belgian dark chocolate.    One of my favorites!

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Summer's here!

Tropical Breeze

Tropical Breeze

These cupcakes are perfect for summer-  Delicious cupcake made with fresh pineapple, coconut and a little rum- topped with pineapple meringue and a sprinkle of coconut.   A 'pina colada' in a cupcake- and a real taste of the tropics.