Who Am I?


My name is Virginia (my friends call me Lori).  I was born and raised in the United States on the coast of Mississippi.  

My family loves to cook, so it was no surprise that my passion for cooking and baking started at an early age.   At the age of 10, I won prizes and awards at the fair for one of the cakes that I made.  (Some of the recipes that my family use are the same recipes that I use in some of the cupcakes on the menu.)  

As I got older, my love and passion for cooking only grew stronger.  It has always brought me great joy to be able to share with others the things that I create in the kitchen.  Over the years family and friends suggested that I start a business- which would allow my love for baking to be shared on a broader scale.   I never gave it much thought until this year.

In 2002 I left the coast of Mississippi and made my home here in Heemskerk, where I now live with my husband.   I continued to cook and bake, only now sharing with my family and friends here in the Netherlands.   People here also seemed fond of my “American cooking” and suggested that I start a business selling my cupcakes, muffins, brownies and cookies to share with others.

So here we are-  2011, and after much consideration and planning, I thought- why not?   This is how ‘Southern Charm Cupcakes’ came to be.

Each cupcake is made with love in what is now coined the ‘cupcake kitchen’, and my wish is that each cupcake I bake brings a smile to your face, a little happiness to your heart and makes your special occasion a little more special.